Thursday, 30 June 2011

Off to Matarangi Beach

On the Winter Beach

I walk the winter beach
from here to there
and beyond where the beach ends
past indifferent sea gulls
over beached kelp's
over bleached sea shells
to the sound of crushing waves
to the call of ebbing memories
I walk on the winter beach
I shall go
I must go
beyond where the beach ends.

    Suchoon  Mo

The past few days I have found myself sulking about winter and being alone, however, I have some wonderful friends in Auckland who are always there to pick me up when I'm down and  my good friend Kathy (yes the same Kathy who gave me the chocolate cake recipe) :) has persuaded me I need a few days away at her beach cottage for a change of scenery and some lovely walks.  

Kathy asked me a few weeks ago to go to Matarangi with her but it was one of those times you find every excuse not to go when really deep down inside you would love to just drop everything and escape.  This time Kathy was not going to take no for an answer and she left a really sweet message on my answer phone suggesting I bring my camera to take photos of the cottage, this was her way of encouraging me to get away from my easel and laptop for a well needed break.

Kathy and her husband have a lovely little beach house in Matarangi which is on the beautiful scenic Coromandel coastline of the North Island of New Zealand.  It certainly is the idyllic summer break but brrr... I am wondering if I will survive a wintry weekend there without feeling the cold too much.  Kathy has assured me the forecast looks good and asked me to bring myself, my camera, my gluten free bread (I am trying hard to be gluten free), warm jacket and walking shoes, oh and the pomegranate green tea I am into right now. 

It would be very easy for me to stay home, warm and cosy in front of my fireplace with a stack of magazines including the new Artful Blogger mag and become a "recluse" for the weekend.  However, I am stepping out of the box with my brand new lime green soft, woolly scarf and my back pack filled with all the essentials I think I need for a weekend away.  Yes I am going to leave behind my computer as much as I would love to squeeze it into my backpack but a rest is a rest and the only time I plan to use my mind is reading my copy of Eat, Pray, Love. My little cottage has someone to look after it  while I'm gone so I am all set to go with no excuses and I must admit I am feeling very enthusiastic and excited at the prospect.

Next week I will open the doors to Kathy's cottage with the photos I take but today I will leave you with the winters seaside poem above and a lovely photo of Matarangi beach.

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