Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Small Space Living - A Designers 69 square metre apartment

Above: using a large sconce as a console is a great space saving idea

In Australasia and the USA large homes are prevalent, although I have scaled down to a small cottage of around 120 square metres. With some extras such as an en-suite and walk in robe, combined with the location to the beach and city it is hard to beat. However, the one thing I miss is a separate dining room. So, when I came across an interior designer who has chosen to downscale to 69 square metres, I wanted to see how she has utilised the space.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Mediterranean Style - However, you may be very surprised by the location

When I envisage the Mediterranean, I picture deep blue seas, pure white stone buildings and decorative mosaics, just as you might see in Greece or Cyprus. So, when I spotted today's interior, I imagined it was located somewhere in the Mediterranean, but I was certainly fooled.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Be Bold With Black


If you are like me, possibly the largest bulk of black in your home is the 45" digital TV that one simply can't disguise (I often find myself wondering why we don't see white TV's). Today I want to actually welcome black in a decorating palette and see how interior designers have used it to create some stunning spaces.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Organic, Rustic Style Interior and The Blue Moon Trading Company

Katie Gagnon is the owner of The Blue Moon Trading Company, a designer and stylist with a penchant for organic pieces. Katie loves natural materials and this shows in her company's range of products, many of which she has enlisted artisans to work with materials such as re-purposed barn-wood, zinc and concrete to create her signature pieces. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Interior Designers Show Their Flair - Working With Art In Their Designs

Above: The painting determines the colours in this dining room. The bleached wood framed chairs reflect the white of the horse and the upholstery reflects the colours of the background of the painting. You may notice the curves of the tops of the chairs reflect the curves  seen in the horse. Other pictures are kept simple with black frames.

A home without art can lack soul, embarrassingly, as an artist, I am the first to admit there is not enough art on my walls, something I am currently looking at improving. When we plan to decorate a room, we immediately start thinking, what colour, what patterns, what furniture etc and it can easily become overwhelming. Even the task of choosing a wall colour can become so absorbing that we forget about the whole picture. Interior designers however, know that art can be the perfect beginning to inspire their overall design.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Creating a Restful Bedroom - Week One

When planning to decorate a bedroom, it is important that certain elements of design are followed to achieve a welcoming and restful haven. I am planning to re-decorate my small master bedroom and created a list of points to help when planning this space. As I want to use a number of images to illustrate these points, I have decided to blog this post in a few parts. Please note, the is not a sponsored post so where I have referred to products or other websites, it is merely to help you with more information.