Monday, 20 June 2011

Spinning, Felted soaps & Jewellry


This morning I went spinning, no not spinning wool, or felt as a friend thought recently when I told her that I had started spinning to keep fit.  She said, "really I didn't know that". I told her a male friend of mine recommended it and she said  "spinning", I said yes he swears its the best thing for legs.  She said, "I have never heard of men spinning" or that it was good for legs. It was then that I clicked that she thought I meant spinning yarn! We had a giggle over it as I explained it was actually cycling the new craze called spinning where you got together with other mad people that want to cycle like crazy to upbeat music for an hour in the gym. Actually half an hour I try to look like I am working hard and the other half I turn the resistance down so much that I guess it would be like riding down the Matterhorn!  I have only been twice and they say it is addictive but I have yet to agree with this comment.  However I have a clear vision in my mind of  legs like Elle McPhersons well before summer time and that vision is my motivation to keep going.

I got  home very late after spinning as  a few of us went for a cappuchino  after  which then turned into lunch for three of us who were still chatting away at lunchtime and before I knew it  the day had gone.  I dashed home at 2pm knowing I had to do today's blog and hadn't actually planned what I was blogging about.  I went straight to Etsy to see what delights I might discover and the first thing I saw was these gorgeous felted pouches with soap inside.  they are in keeping with the "heart" theme of Jennifer's beads so I was excited to put together some of Sofino's products for you to view. Click on the picture below and this will take you to my Etsy page (hand picked by me) to see more of Sofino's products, her beautiful felted jewellry and learn more about the felted soaps.

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