Saturday, 6 August 2011

Roses, Orchids & Oriental Cabbages - Could this be my next painting?

This week I set off to Bettjemens Hair Salon in Orakei to have my regular colour touch up.  I've always been a natural blonde but sadly the past 5 years if someone was to ask my colour I would have to say, half 8, half 9. and a little 9.3! My "natural blonde" is now attributed not so much to my "Nordic" genes but the amazing technology of  L'oreal. This post however is not about my hair but about my plans for a new painting, which all began with my trip to the hairdresser Thursday, hence getting off track a bit.  

Just along from Bettjemens Salon in Orakei is a really pretty flower shop called "Milly's Flowers".I was attracted by some gorgeous Peonies outside the shop only to find that they were extremely good imitations but they had led me inside the shop where there was a beautiful display of Milly's fresh flowers. Inside I Immediately spotted some gorgeous peach coloured roses that attracted me like a bee to honey! Before I knew it I had Milly putting together what I knew was going to be an expensive but gorgeous bouquet. Large apricot roses, white lilies, pink orchids and some ornamental cabbages made up my bouquet.  Cabbages are not my normal choice for painting but Milly picked them out and they looked perfect with the roses creating a soft romantic look which was perfect.

The past two days I have taken endless shots of my flowers by day light, night light, inside, outside, I have constantly changed them around and still I haven't got that perfect shot that says "paint me!".  I had hoped to have taken more photos today but sadly the sun decided to stay behind the clouds, so praying its out tomorrow for me to take some more shots. Possibly I may have to take them into Milly on Monday to re-arrange for me to get the right balance.  However, meanwhile I have a few shots of these gorgeous flowers to share with you. I will post my deciding photo once I have found it.  

I quite like this shot but wouldn't paint all the orchids showing to the left hand side of the roses. As with all my paintings I depict the backgrounds in very dark moody colours.

This shot unfortunately I have battered the lily a little moving the flowers around :(

I have to add that I have shuffled the flowers around during my photo shoots so they are not the professional arrangement Milly put together.  I might need to go back Monday and get her to re-arrange them as I am using less roses than I originally bought and my deep red ornamental cabbage has disappeared off one side of my photo!

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