Monday, 19 September 2011

Room With a View - Or Rooms with Views!

I'm sitting in my little studio looking out my window at  the drizzling rain hanging in droplets off my folding clothes line. I'm dreaming and wondering how it would feel instead to be looking at waves gently lapping over soft white sands, gazing into far off mountain tops, turquoise seas or a meadow of flowers. Today I want to share this dream...

Photographer Phil Wiseman - Source, Halstead

...So serene.

Photo source - On Homes Design

Photo source - Plataforma Arquitectura

Photo source - Architectural Digest

Photo source - piccsy

Photo source - shellsonthebeach

One day this dream will be a reality, Paris is one city I have not yet been to but it's on my list!

This is Actor Christopher Meloni's apartment - photo source architectural digest - photographer Durston Saylor

photo source - imgave

I am into "Duck egg blue" so had to post this pic, it does have a really pretty outlook too.

Dreaming away…
Lee x


  1. So many amazing views! Especially that last one!! I have to say though, I don't think I would want to be in the bathroom surrounded by windows overlooking all of those buildings...could be a little embarrassing. ;)

    I'm thinking maybe when the harsh part of winter hits here, I should hang a poster of a Hawiian beach on my front window and just pretend that's what's out there.

  2. I agree Tea, re the bath one, I have a feeling it might be the penthouse suite :).

    Actually light bulbs flashing re the poster idea...I guess I could move my closeline from outside my studio window and replace the view with a couple of really nice palm trees, then I can just imagine the rest. I definitely will move the closeline this summer!


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