Thursday, 13 October 2011

Chocolate Interiors - National UK Chocolate Week

Apparently this week is UK "National Chocolate Week". Personally it's pretty much "National Chocolate week" 52 weeks of the year for me. Nevertheless, top marks to those with the ingenuity to promote such a week. As a self confessed chocolate connoisseur  Whittaker's is my fave chocolate of all time, sorry Cadbury but it beats you hands down.  Cadbury for me is a little on the sweet side, not enough cocoa percentage showing up on the label. 

One website, "Divine Chocolate" even have a list of events during "National Chocolate Week". Yes! you can travel, North, East, South or West for your chocolate fix, whether it be sampling, discussing or even "soaking in it", well not exactly but  this vision sprang to mind when I saw that Divine at K West Hotel and Spa are offering; an "Ultimate Chokolate Indulgence" package.  You can pay 129 British Pounds for 2 hours of full body chocolate exfoliation and a self heated choko body wrap (that's near enough to soaking!).  The treatment is then said to be finished with a chocolate pedicure whilst sipping a delicious chocolate cocktail.  To be honest I think that as much as I love chocolate this would have to be an "over indulgence"  or something bordering on an obsessive compulsive disorder  of chocolate! The thought of chocolate oozing between my toes doesn't quite do it for me.

In celebration of National Chocolate Week I am sharing some yummy chocolate interiors with you.... word is that "chocolate" is the new Fall colour. I realise our Hemisphere is heading for Summer but it doesn't hurt to look ahead at trends.

Gorgeous inlay chocolate chest - Image via Pinterest

I love this simple, elegant room. The chocolate trim on the bedlinen is cleverly chosen as it draws the eye away from the patterned rug,creating balance. The white ceiling against the deep chocolate walls enhances the architrave - image Hgtv, photography by Werner Straube. Room designer DeLisa Oakes.

Beautifully designed room - image via rdujour on rooms to inspire.

I love everything about this room from the architecture, colours and choice of furnishing. Room design by Tracery Interiors

This wonderful living room belongs to Martha Stewart. The coffee table is an original freezer rack - I am falling in love with eclecticism.

Coffee Bean votive via Project Wedding a simple but effective idea for a dinner or coffee table.

Clever multi functional chocolate furniture designed by Iris Koser can be seen at Koro Flot



I have added a link to Whittaker's website as its the most yummy interactive chocolate site, all their site buttons are pieces of chocolate and if you're not hungering for chocolate right now you certainly will  after dropping into Whittaker's....In fact, and this is no word of a lie, I am indulging in some Whittaker's Rum and Raisin right this minute.... below is proof of the remains!

Whittaker's Rum & Raisin 50%  Cocoa, my favourite NZ home grown chocolate!

If your a new reader and you missed Kathy's "Foolproof Chocolate Cake" recipe you can check it out on my "Recipe" page, its  deep, delicious, moist and always turns out amazing!

Have a chocoholic week!

Lee x

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