Monday, 17 October 2011

Midnight in Paris & French Interiors

Last night I went to see the movie "Midnight in Paris" (click here after the post to see the official trailer) written and directed by Woody Allen. I'm not actually a Woody Allen fan and had no idea what the movie was about, it was a last minute decision when the movie I had wanted to see wasn't on. Well, I can honestly say that Midnight in Paris is the most delightful movie I have seen in many years. In fact, I am going again this week as I enjoyed it so much.

I don't want to give any of the story away but feel confident enough to say that everyone that sees this movie will adore it. A romantic comedy set in Paris is based around a couple who are there on business along with their daughter and her fiance who have come along for the trip. During their stay the daughters fiance (Owen Wilson) has the most incredible experiences when he goes out into Paris at  Midnight. The story unfolds around his midnight walks and without saying too much, take him back to another time.

Owen Wilson definitely reflects Woody Allen in his character.  Rachel McAdams plays his fiance and Carla Brunei, Marion Cotillard and Kathy Bates also cast in this movie. If you love art, music and literature you'll love this movie, even if you don't you'll still find it utterly delightful.

Today I want to share some more interiors with that touch of "France" as I'm still revelling from the movie and also excited about revealing my own French country bedroom makeover with you later this week. 

1.This living room is light, warm and inviting. I love the mix of textures, the gorgeous velvet sofa and comfy leather chairs. 

Pinned Image
White is so clean, fresh and Spring like. Personally I would never have painted the beams but kept them natural wood to compliment the staircase (as in image below). I love the open plan design of this older property.

See how beautiful the natural wooden beams look against the white walls and decor. This photo was taken by Robin Stubbert who has kindly given permission for me to share her work with you.  I thank you for 'not' downloading or re-using this image please :)

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Truly France! The chandelier is magnificent. This rooms interior is designed very much along the lines of symmetry.  However if you look at the symmetrical items such as the busts on either side of the door and the chairs on either side of the sofa, you will notice they do not match but just sit in the same positions. The beams are painted but in a lime wash effect which still shows the nature of the wood.

2. Photo credit Roger Davies - Image source from
3. Image -  published in Inside Out Magazine - Photographer Richard Powers
4. Image - copyright of Robin Stubbert Photographer
5.Image - Pinterest via Boxwood Terrace (a really lovely blog)

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Lee x


  1. I must definitely watch Midnight in Paris soon, thanks for the reminder!
    I so love French interiors... the first pic is a dream!

  2. Yes definitely you must see that movie before it moves from the big screen.

    Re the first photo, I adore that look too and think I might do a "Get the look" post, as we both know you don't have to live in Paris to achieve it...hmmm will do some research this week. Of course to really get an authentic look, high stud ceilings definitely helps.

    I believe a house is four square walls and a home is what you make inside and outside of those four square walls!

    I can't wait to do the makeover on the outside of my house to share with everyone. I start work on this as soon as the Spring rain has subsided. Don't forget to check back end of this week to see my French cottage themed bedroom makeover.

    Thank you for your comments Kifus, as always :)


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