Thursday, 6 October 2011

Spring's here, Summers not far away and there is no better time to create that little "reclusive" area in your garden where you can tuck yourself away with a good book, a cup of tea and take in the beauty of Spring time.

These floral cushions create a shabby chic look and add softness to the weathered park bench. Photo by Robin Stubbert Photography.

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These two rusty old chairs are perfect in their surroundings. 
photo source a google image from pinterest

more pretty cushions, I can only but imagine the wonderful scent from the surrounding lavender. Photo source - Decorare

Definitely a French touch to this elegant outdoor setting - photo source The Little Book of Secrets

Well...we can dream sometimes can't we! Look at the beautiful cast shadow under the chair! - Photo by Robin Stubbert 

Thank you Robin for allowing me to share some of your wonderful photography.

Friday tomorrow, where do the weeks go to!

Lee x


  1. Oh yeah! That last one would be a dream come true!!

  2. A trip to Hawaii might be in order for you Tea :)


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