Saturday, 3 March 2012

Olioboard - Vibrant Spring Color Design Contest by Zinc Door

I've come up with two design boards to enter Olioboards latest design challenge. Zinc Door have asked members to create a vibrant Spring room using Olioboards. The challenge had to have at least 5 products from Zinc Door and could be any room you like.  I've created two vibrant living rooms and had fun at the same time.  If you like my boards, please click on the one you like and it will take you to the voting page.  You don't have to join, anyone can vote and it is just a "one click" voting system. Alternatively you might want to create a board yourself check out some of the competition or find out what Olioboard is all about.  It's certainly  fun and a great place for those of you who are interior designers or have an online store as you can easily create colour/design/mood boards or upload your own products for others to find.

I have one reader who has a gorgeous shop called Cush & Nooks, (check out Vic's inspirational blog "here") I'm sure if Vic sees this post she will want to make up a board as I know she loves vivid colours and has a great way of putting them together. Olioboard make it really easy to create these boards with their simple tools and it's lots of fun too...Enjoy!

Board 1.

 Board 2.

Poppy and I are getting ready to battle the 150-170 knot winds (I hope I got that right) as she's desperate for a walk. I've  taken down the sun umbrella in case it becomes a missile and made sure all my windows are shut tight! Come on sunshine where are you, what happened to our summer?

Lee oxo


  1. Oh Lee, I have just read this post (had a bit of time out from the blogging world over the w/end). Thank you, again, for mentioning Cush & Nooks, and you are so right, that looks like all kinds of fun. I will have to check it out. No surprise that Board 1 is my pic - will vote now. xxx

  2. I have decided that New Zealand, Auckland in particular does not get a Summer. Nice design boards!


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