Saturday, 7 July 2012

Earth Tones - Soft Natural Interiors

I'm not the artist of the norm, as most artists love to be surrounded by colour and usually their homes reflect this. Myself on the other hand am an earthy person at heart, I love the country and I think it reflects in my own home.  Don't get me wrong I do love colour and if I had a larger house I think I would bring more into my home but I do feel very comfortable and peaceful surrounded by earth tones. Earth tones suit the Farmhouse/French/Country look perfectly especially if your walls are white.

The living room below is just "perfect" to me, light, bright surroundings with soft earthy colours as accents.  Beautiful natural textures have been added to create that earthy feel such as the basketry on the wall and the natural branch above the door. The rattan lamp table adds a slightly rustic feel. However, the lines of the contemporary lamp soften the feel in this contemporary/country room.

Image source - unknown

Another lovely room setting with earthy colours and textures...

Image by Robin Stubbert - reproduced on LC with permission

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  1. The first interior is very light and environmentally friendly. It's very beautiful. I will made my office in this style.

    1. Thank you for your comment Siamochka, I would love to see your office once you have decorated it, maybe you would like to share it on my blog.

      Lee ☺

  2. Very pleased that you visited my blog. My name is Victoria and I'm creating interiors for my clients in 3D and then embody them in life.
    My house is currently under construction. And I will share with you pictures of my interior. :)

  3. Yes ... these are beautiful, and you're right... very calming. I find too much color to be too distressing and chaotic for my senses. The natural elements and and baskets are wonderful. I find i gravitate towards rooms with all shades of the color white... which includes browns and grays... and i just love baskets. I like the tree branch over the door too...


  4. Ahh so soothing, love the natural earth tones.


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