Friday, 14 June 2013

Home Tour - Swedish Apartment in Linnestaden

From time to time I have featured Swedish interiors, usually they are smaller apartments, however at the same time their owners seem to utilise every little bit of space and  they often appear far larger than they really are so I wasn't at all surprised to find this small but creatively used space in Linnestaden.

The apartment is only two rooms plus a kitchen and the owners have been very clever with their use of storage. These apartments don't normally have built in cupboards like we are used to in New Zealand so everything needs to be freestanding or on open shelving. Look at the clever way they store their shoes. I usually try to hide shoes away but I think this idea works perfectly in this small apartment.

The majority of  Swedish interiors are white, however, I do love it when it is mixed with some texture such as the exposed brick wall which adds a little warmth as too much white can sometimes appear a little cold. The owners of this apartment have an eclectic mix of furniture from contemporary to rustic country.  If you look around you will see clever use of shelving for their books and magazines, such as in the dining kitchen and bedroom.

I am currently in the middle of re-decorating my smallest bedroom and think that some of these shelves would work perfectly, I will be definitely looking around for similar shelving here in Auckland. 

Enjoy the tour...

Image source: Alvhem

We hope you have enjoyed this little home tour.


  1. Just beautiful - such a beautiful blend of simplicity and eclectic!!!
    Loving it............
    Have a great wknd,

  2. I'm always impressed and amazed at how neat and orderly these small Scandinavian homes are. I love the shoe storage too, might try that one. x


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