Thursday, 9 January 2014

I Couldn't Resist Bringing Ralph Lauren Home - Blue & White

Last weekend I visited my favourite fabric shop to see what delicious bargains I might discover. I use the word 'delicious' as there is a Little & Friday cafe inside the shop and I never fail to give in to one of their fabulous cakes. So, off I wandered, weaving through the bolts of fabric with the promise of a treat at the end. I never went there with intentions of bringing anything home, honestly, but just as I turned a corner I spotted a row of blue and white fabric and there 'he' was, smack bang in the middle, the most gorgeous linen with his name, 'Ralph Lauren' stamped across the selvage edge. I didn't have to think long as I knew this linen would be perfect with my new, blue and white tropical cushions and I could see Mr Lauren sitting handsomely beside them.

Mr Lauren with my tropical print cushions

Part of my collection of blue and white porcelain 

My two new cushions in desperate need of some more blue and white company

I am currently in the process of a summer spruce up of my living room and will be sharing more images soon.

Lee oxo


  1. Pretty fabric and love your blue and white pieces.

  2. glad you brought it home!

  3. What a great find, Lee, I love it too. I am a massive blue fan, and blue & white is such a timeless combination. I've been checking out your other posts and am so impressed with your photography skills. Your little Poppy is sooo divine and the perfect model - well done. x

    1. There were lots of gorgeous blue and white fabrics, I am planning to buy some more designs, I have a bit of a cushion fetish.

      Thank you for the compliments about my photography, I have so much to learn, I have no idea how to use the camera properly, mainly using it on auto but some are coming out quite good, the ones of Poppy were lovely, over exposed deliberately. She is so easy to photograph and quite enjoys the attention.

      Lee :)


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