Monday 24 March 2014

Easter Meringue Nests - 5 Minute (No Cook. Gluten Free)

I am always looking for simple gluten free ideas and these little Easter meringue nests couldn't be easier to create.

 Easter Meringue Nests (No Cook Gluten Free)


1 packet of meringue nests (12 nests)
1 packet of Walkers milk chocolate miniature eggs (tiny eggs with little speckles look great)
Icing Sugar

Butter Icing:

50 g butter softened
1 and a half cups of sifted icing sugar (powdered sugar)
Juice of half a lemon
Food colouring of choice (I left mine white to match the meringues)


  • Place butter, icing sugar and lemon juice in a bowl and beat until combined
  • Beat approximately 2-3 minutes, the mixture should be pale and creamy
  • Beat in a few drops of colouring if you wish. Lemon or pale green is nice for Easter (keep the colours pastel)
  • If too soft, add a little more icing sugar
  • Fold a square piece of baking paper into a cone twisting to form a piping bag (see instructions on making the bag here in a video I previously posted, also shows how to ice cookies) or you could use a purchased piping bag.
  • Pipe a small amount of butter icing in the top of the meringue nest and place three small eggs inside
  • I specifically picked out the white speckled eggs to use

These little nests would be lovely to put into favour bags for teachers or friends, simply tie with a piece of garden twine.

For more Easter Ideas;

I hope your weekend was fun, we seem to be experiencing a late summer, (Indian summer) here in Auckland. I have advanced greatly with my home office purchasing a fabulous vintage rug and an antique table to turn into a desk. I have also dusted off my mothers crystal chandelier to hang pride of place. My original Hamptons theme has been totally abandoned for a French look. I will share progress shots later in the week.

If you like this simple idea, I have since posted some individual  'Cheats Frosted Easter Cakes'.

Lee oxo 

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  1. I will get this in my in box tomorrow... but I couldn't wait!! Love this darling idea! I will have to use this for Easter!!!!! Love it Lee


  2. These are just as pretty as can be. I love your photos and the staging of the sweet little meringues. I bet they taste divine too...


  3. Thanks Cindy, the meringues didn't stay around for long, I will have to make some more for Easter as they were a hit!

    Lee :)

  4. Very clever. A great dessert when time is short. Love your presentation.


    1. Thanks Madonna, very simple, certainly a cheats way but effective. Thank you for the compliment :)



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