Monday, 29 June 2015

Updating My Bedroom For Winter - Exploring Black and White Checks

The fastest way to update a bedroom is to change your duvet and throw pillows, however, if you do introduce a change of colour and pattern, remember you could change the overall feeling of the room. I purposely wanted to take my bedroom from coastal to country and have been seeking some black and white inspiration.

Without digging deep into my personal psyche, the current coastal look of my bedroom just isn't doing it this winter, the soft powder blue of my cabbage rose duvet is too soft and it is shouting out for some stronger tones, maybe it was the Shelter Island Fisherman's cottage that had me loving black and white or the gorgeous black and white chair below, or maybe I am just being me, a person who thrives for change. 

I am not ready to show off the room just yet I have bought a striking black and white check duvet from Household Linens (Princeton Check in Black). I still have to purchase fabric for my throw cushions, meanwhile, here is my mood board and a few inspirational images that have me loving "BIG" black and white checks.  

My original mood board and my proposed, new look...

My Inspiration...

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Black and white, is classic and stylish, you can country it up with checks or stripes or add some glamour with touches of gold. It can be a little clinical but throw in some natural wood or rattan and you will immediately warm it up. Personally, I am seeking a country look for which large checks are perfect. I will update you with images as soon as I have everything in place. I would love to hear if you change your bedlinen during the seasons or do you keep the same look year round?


  1. Love all these checks. I had black and white big checked cushions years ago on a sofa. And in my daughters' room we have red/white big checks for her curtains. I think the check/toile gives it quite a french look.
    Can't wait to see the update


    1. You have hit the nail on the head Jane, black and white check and toile is most definitely a French look but I avoided mentioning this as I the whole idea of changing my bedroom last year was to move away from my original room that had the French shutters and french theme going on. I have kind of gone in a complete circle. Actually to be able to switch the theme of a room with just a change of fabric is fun and I can always bring back the coastal look next summer :)

  2. Greetings from the other side of the world! I've been following Your blog for a while and I love Your beautiful pictures! We're just having mid-summer here and I just got new summerish bedsheets; light blue/white polka dots. Wintertime I have everything much thicker and darker. So I do change bedlinens by the seasons, many times during the year! I get bored so soon :)
    Waiting for the update.....

    1. Greetings to you to Satu, I so appreciate you taking time to leave a comment from the other side of the world. I feel so honoured to hear from people that have been following my blog. I suffer from dry eye syndrome and there are times I struggle to spend time on the computer, however it is hearing from people that follow my blog that keeps me going as I want to inspire them as much as I am inspired by what I see around the world when it comes to home decor.

      Switching sheets from winter to summer is such fun, choosing light colours, especially blue is such a pretty relaxing colour for a bedroom and the colour my room is during summer. The blue/white polka dots sound sweet, are you going to mix some stripes and other patterns with it? Glad to hear that you enjoy switching around the bedlinen, it keeps our environments fresh, new and surprising and who doesn't enjoy a brand new set of linen.

      It might be a few weeks before the update as the company that makes my cushions has a huge job on at the moment but I will update on the fabric as soon as I get it.

      Thank you again and hope to see you commenting again some time.


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