Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Another Stunning Brisbane Project by Interior Designers Verandah House

Still one handed hence no chance to post last week as the swelling wasn't going down, but loving this gorgeous Brisbane interior enough to struggle again with one finger. My stitches are due out this afternoon and hopefully with physio I can get back to blogging and finishing my latest piece of art.

I visited Brisbane a couple of years ago and fell in love with the grand, old Queenslander homes, and although this house would not be described as a Queenslander, it still has the charm of an Australian colonial home. Verandah house have created a beautifully relaxing environment for its lucky owners. The interior has been decorated in a timeless style that suits the sub tropical climate of Brisbane. Gentle unassuming shades of grey, beige and pastel blue keep it cool and calm. The wide wooden floorboards give timeless appeal to this beautiful home and everything about it speaks, relaxed elegance.


If you would like to view more images or contact Verandah house, please visit their website Verandah House.com.au for more information. 


  1. I simply adore how the entire concept of the place creates a bright and airy atmosphere which is perfect for a beach house in Brisbane. The white-splashed walls fall back as a canvas for the darker toned furnishings and accessories to create a beautiful contrast setting.


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