Saturday 25 June 2011

New Blog Banner

Gosh its 1.45am and I am still awake!  I was eating some left over Thai fish cakes less than half an hour ago, famished by the concentration I have been putting into my new blog banner above. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong but I have persevered, its almost there but needs some slight tweaking to fix up some minor imperfections.  I have had to do a lot by eye rather than measurement as my IT skills are still being honed.  

I hope you like the new banner, will tweak it to perfection tomorrow.  I realise it hasn't got any of my art on it yet but will add one at some point. The shuttered window I shot in Italy a few years ago, I think its a really pretty photograph.  The cup is my mothers Royal Albert tea cup, the other two photos I need to credit, actually the cabinet was for sale on a while ago and I would have bought it if I had room for it in my little house.

I am sorry this is not exactly a riveting blog but I promise to give you something more interesting tomorrow.  If you go to my new "Artist/Gallery" page you will see information on an upcoming Auction at the International Art Gallery in Parnell, Auckland.  There are some very important works being auctioned including some Colin McCahon who every kiwi art collector will know,  his paintings are now fetching between $90,000 and $200,000.

Well, I am off to bed now hoping that I can clear my mind and rest my tired eyes and get some winks, at least its Saturday tomorrow so I can sleep in.  They say that checking your email before you go to bed is equivalent to a shot of espresso, I can only imagine what hours of computing is equivalent too, I dare not try to work that one out or I will not sleep a wink!

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