Sunday 18 August 2019

Coastal Sophistication in South Carolina

"Casual and sophisticated, modern and timeless, serene but colourful" is how the designer describes this relaxed, South Carolina home.

The designers, Guest House Studio, have used varying shades of blue for this project, with paint, soft furnishing and artwork. Blue is 'cool' on the colour charts but can evoke a moody or calming affect when you select the right blue, such as navy blue, bright, electric blues will have an opposite effect. Deep navy looks wonderful on accent walls such as behind a bed (see bedroom below). Another way to use an accent colour such as navy is to paint the back of a white book shelf or fireplace, this can look especially nice in a coastal or Hamptons style home. Don't overdo blue, keep the spaces light by painting the surrounding walls in a soft white. Accent colours can be used to warm up a space such as the soft pink in the bedroom below. Peach/pink looks beautiful with navy and will warm up a space, baby pink has a cooler effect. White walls allow you to go crazy with artwork but too many colours can affect the overall calmness of a space, for the hallway and living area, the designers have chosen art with predominantly blue shades. 

When it comes to furniture the most expensive item for a living room is going to be your sofas, by selecting sofas with loose covers, it will create a relaxed, less formal atmosphere. The great thing about loose covers is being able to clean them, especially if you are opting for white. 

Overall this home is airy and serene with a coastal feel, decorative items have been kept to a minimum but there is plenty of textures used so the home feels far from empty. I am very impressed with the designers in creating some beautiful spaces for this lucky family.

If you love these spaces, you may want to check out Guest House Studio's profile on Houzz (link above). 

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in the world.

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