Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Recipe - Brenda's Zucchini Pie

Please see my Recipe page for this delicious recipe given to me by Brenda, a friend I met in Brunei. Brenda used to host wonderful get together lunches for some of her expatriate friends,  I would always be excited to go to her lunches as beside the great company and wonderful food Brenda was one of only two expats I knew in Brunei that defied the "all white walls" that the landlords inflicted on us as tenants.  

Living as an expat you are provided with company accommodation and 99.99% of the time the homes/apartments are all white or cream painted walls because I guess its just easier for them to re paint when new tenants move in.  However, Brenda had used colour, wonderful colour and I remember what it was like to have your spirits lifted by the use of colour after having to live with white walls for so long. Brenda had one bedroom in this gorgeous turquoise colour with rustic wood furniture, I will never forget that room it had such an effect on me that I went back to our home and convinced my husband to paint one of our rooms in a sunny yellow.  It had a wonderful uplifting affect, but be warned, yellows must be chosen carefully as they are very much brighter when on the walls. It is always best to use a test pot first and if you use it in the darkest area of the room in a corner where two walls meet you will get a much better idea of the strength your yellow will be.  Live with it a few days as colour always changes in daylight and artificial light.

I am getting way off track here and running late, sorry.  Please click on the image above or go to my Recipe page for Brenda's Zucchini Pie.

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