Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Its snowing - white Interiors

Well, what can I say but Wow!, it snowed in Auckland yesterday, apparently the first time for 79 years. I was sitting at my desk working when I saw what first appeared to be small hail stones. However, they were not falling heavy like hail but drifting down slowly, next minute the drifts increased  and suddenly I realised it was snowing in Mission Bay, Auckland.  I was literally astounded but smiled and rushed for my camera.  Unfortunately the snow melted as soon as it touched any surface and my photos are sadly not clear enough to post on my blog. I have decided however, to keep with the "white" theme today and posting some inspiring white interiors with a little touch of colour to some of them.

 white on white

 greys on white - love the framed photos on the wall, I intend to do similar in my hall with the prints I purchased from Faux Kiss

I love the country classic look of this room - searching for a similar coffee table for my living room

white with a touch of "natural"

white with a touch of shabby chic - The Peony, my favourite flower attracted me to this room

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