Friday, 26 August 2011

Jeans - Gorgeous low priced tops to dress up Jeans.

I don't know about you but I am definitely a "jeans" girl, in fact I would probably admit to wearing jeans about 90% of the time.  What's important to me though is what I pair up with my jeans. Sometimes a simple white T shirt, other times a gorgeous floaty top or maybe just something smart/casual and fitted. It seems these days that jeans are even acceptable on the red carpet as you can see by this photo below of Tinsley Mortimer in her Guess jeans. Oh and a helpful tip, my 85 year old mum shouted to me the other day as I turned to walk away...." Lee, did you know that if your jeans have back pockets that are closer to the central back seam that your bottom appears smaller", I raised my eyebrows as I wondered, was that a subtle hint that mine was not small, knowing my jean pockets didn't fit that category!

photo sourced from denimology (an amazing site for sourcing jeans)

Today, however, this post is about dressing your jeans up without spending a fortune. I have found some great tops for you at Shop Ruche, an on-line store with clothes designed for the youth of today, (the not so "youthful" can find great things too). 

The tops and accessories are from Shop Ruche's new spring range. The designs featured here were available at the time of posting.  Shop Ruche also stock a "curvy plus size" which you can find on their website.  

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The roaming free top is all cotton so great for those of you living in hot and sticky climates!

Sweetly yours cami tunique US$37.99

and for a little bit more colour...

Azaleas 1 shoulder tunic US$36.99

Glazing Paint stroke print tank US$35.99

illustrious watercolors floral top US$36.99

to view these tops and many more please click "here" to go directly to their page.  Photos  above belong to Shop Ruche.

Have a wonderful day.
Lee x

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