Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Latest House Guest - Hugo The Miniature Schnauzer

A month ago I saw an advert in the local paper for dog sitters wanted.  I have had dogs most of my life but my sudden return to New Zealand to care for my mum has put me in a situation where I am not in a position to have a dog again at the moment.  When I saw the advert for sitting, I thought what a great idea, I could have some company and cuddles without having to commit to a dog right now.  I signed up with the agency, "Guardians" a dog sitting service run by Andy Evans. Guardians match up doggies whose owners are going away on holiday with a sitter that might suit a particular dog. I asked for small dogs that were preferable allergy free such as poodles, schnauzers, maltese etc Andy is a great guy and offering a wonderful service as I know that some dogs can get stressed out or depressed in kennels.  Guardians is like a "home away from home".

With dog sitting you get all types of doggy personalities and the dog I am minding at the moment is called "Hugo", he is a young (1 1/2 year old) Miniature Schnauzer who is personality plus!  He is the most delightful and loving dog and I have decided he is really a small person in the guise of a doggie shape.  Hugo is so sociable and has already met my mum and sat on her lap, met her friend and her caregiver, plus my son and his little Chihuahua all in a couple of days.  We have had umpteen walks down the beach and at this moment in time he is curled up in his basket in my studio...making little grunting, snoring sounds.  

I have kept in contact with Hugo's owner to let him know how well he has settled, and told him that he will have to prise his lead out of my hands when he comes to pick him up because I am "besotted" by this gorgeous well behaved but cheeky little boy.  Super intelligent and personality plus! 

Nothing left to do now but introduce you:

Such a well behaved dog.

Relaxed on my sofa throw and new burlap pillow from Rustic Country Crafts.  I actually think Hugo compliments my sofa accessories :)...and I have nicknamed him "Hugo Boss"!

Have a wonderful day.

Lee x


  1. Such a cute puppy!!
    Your blog is lovely! ♥

  2. Hi Lee,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and it is my pleasure to talk about and add your link in my favourite blogs and web places links.
    I love your tasteful blog it is simply beautiful as is you work.
    I look forward to reading your blog and I just adore Hugo what a beautiful puppy your friends have. Hugo Boss definitely does make a beautiful accessory and takes great photo shots on your lovely furnishing LOL. Thank you again for a Golden Two Thumbs Up Blog Spot. You deserve it. Hugs Julz

  3. Thanks so much Julz for your kind comments about my blog. Yes Hugo is gorgeous, sadly I had to part with him today as he returned to his owner but we do plan to stay in contact. I have another Schnauzer I am looking after in a few weeks time and a little poodle this weekend...I do doggie sitting as I am not in a position to commit to a pet right now but have always had them and miss having an animal around so dog sitting is the next best thing :)


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