Monday, 5 September 2011

Parsnip & Pecan Cake - Another shared expat recipe

I thought it about time I posted another delicious recipe, this time for a Parsnip and Pecan cake.  I have made this cake a number of times and it is absolutely delicious.  The Parsnip can be replaced with Kumara (sweet potato) or carrot if Parsnips are not in season.  The colour of the cake changes naturally if you use a darker vegetable.

My recipe is from my handwritten recipes when I was living as an Ex Pat.  I think this one came from my friend Maureen who went on to open her own cafe in Brisbane. Sadly Maureen has just sold the cafe as she needed a break from the 60 hours a week she was putting in. Maureen used to run baking courses at her house in Brunei. We would gather as a small group and at the end of her demonstration we would indulge in a lovely lunch.  We all had such a great time, I made new friends and my baking skills definitely improved.  I guess now Maureen its time for a new chapter in your life and I'm sure with such a gorgeous, multi talented woman, there is an exciting new challenge ahead.

The photo I have to credit to The Baking Pan and is actually from a recipe for an Italian Pecan Cream Cake,  I just had to have a photo though to get your mouth watering. I knew if I made the cake especially to photograph I would certainly eat the lot and sadly I am trying to remain gluten free :(. The cake does actually look the same but I only slice it once so it has one filling and the remainder as topping.  I usually scatter some whole Pecans over the top of the cake.  The Baking Pan have a lot of delicious recipes so you may want to head over that way later to check them out.  I notice they have "gluten free" recipes so I will be having a look at those for sure.  

Please go to my recipe page for the ingredients and instructions on how to make this scrumptious cake or click on the cake above and it will take you directly there.  If you visit the Baking Pan before you view my recipe, please don't forget to use your back browser to return to my blog :).

Bon Apetite!


  1. THis sounds good! And the picture makes me want to have some right now! I love carrot cake, so it would be fun to try this. I substituted pumpkin for carrot in my carrot cake recipe last year, and "Pumpkin Cake" has become one of our most favorites! :)

  2. Would love to have your pumpkin cake recipe Tea :)


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