Wednesday 23 November 2011

A Little Bit Of Sparkle - My Picks for Christmas presents and stocking fillers.

Honestly... I don't spend a lot of money on line, I might spend a lot of time browsing and often fill up the shopping cart but then realise I have too much in it and end up emptying it :(.  However, I have done a little bit of spending on ASOS this week and excited about my parcel arriving.  I bought a gorgeous silver dress for Christmas, a smart T shirt, a camisole and a bracelet all for around total NZ$150 with free shipping. ASOS have free shipping for 6-12 day delivery, if you need your item to wear for the weekend, there is a 4 day option which you can pay extra for.

I am not affiliated with ASOS, it's just that Christmas is looming, they do have a sale and they have some great fashion, gifts and other goodies. The dress I bought comes in a Petite size, something I have trouble finding in NZ. ASOS site is fab, you can even see your item modelled on the catwalk. Honestly, I could spend hours browsing. ASOS's service is excellent, ordering only yesterday, I have already received an email informing me my parcel has been shipped, along with a link to be able to track it. I will share my goodies with you when they arrive and let you know what I think about their total service.  Meanwhile here are a few of my Christmas gift ideas. If you click on the links below they will direct you to the product... that is if you feel inclined to be wearing silver nails this Thanksgiving/Christmas. If the stray "male"  has made it to my blog, I am sure you'd be a hit with your wife, girlfriend or mum (hint hint!!...well, I do have two sons) with the gorgeous Juicy Couture earrings below.
1. Nars  Holiday polish 2011 -  British Pounds 13.50 from ASOS
2. Oasis bead cuff with jewel - On sale British Pounds 8.00 from ASOS
3. Nars holiday 2011 lip gloss - British Pounds 17.50 from ASOS
4. Juicy Couture heart huggie earrings -  British Pounds 45.00 from ASOS
5. Ted Baker, exclusive to ASOS gold & sliver 4 bow acrylic bangle - British pounds 45.00
6. O.P.I. Christmas shimmer collection - British pounds 10.50

Shoe could also clip them on the front of your shoe.

I love this wrap bracelet with a topaz stone from ASOS UK Pounds 25.00

1. Michelle Mason silk satin T shirt - net a porter ...eeek!!! UK Pounds 216.00 (a little expensive for me)
2. ASOS metallic over sized bowler bag  - UK Pounds 32.00 on sale

Please note that these items were available at time of posting.

Poppy had her vaccination today, only one more to go then 
I can take her down the beach to meet other dogs.  She is growing fast and 
already sits, lies down and comes when she's called...Just hope she keeps up the good behaviour when she reaches her teen years!
Lee oxo 

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