Monday 5 December 2011

It's a Purple Christmas this year!

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Inspired by the colours of the room setting above I have decided to have a purple Christmas theme this year.  Last year I had an 8 foot tree of white and lime green roses and silver bows, this year however, I have a large Chinese cabinet in  the only space my tree would fit and I have absolutely nowhere to move it even if I could get a few strong arms in to help.  With this knowledge in mind I have decided to abandon my large tree and purchase a couple of small ones this year.

Recently I bought a gorgeous little tree from The Christmas Heirloom company, along with some beautiful purple tree accessories. The decorations were made from pretty reflective cut beads and I easily took them apart to make 4 smaller decorations from each one, attaching some silver thread for hanging. This is  an economic way of decorating a smaller tree where full size decorations would be too bulky.  I also bought some cute little white lights that run off three batteries so no need for a plug socket.  I  then added  a string of little purple beads and finished off with sprigs of pale purple silk hydrangea heads I snipped off one large head and poked them in here and there to add a little more texture.  I topped off the tree with a bit of  "Bollywood", a larger crystal set in a filigree mount with some smaller tear drops dangling from each side.  I am quite happy with the final look.

Gosh, even my walls look slightly purple, but I can assure you their not :)

Love these purple acorns discovered at Eclectic Revisited if anyone
knows where these can be purchased, please let me know.

This gorgeous ornament above is hand painted by artist Lynne Lily who resides in the USA and paints dogs in miniature. Lynne does custom work so if you want to have your own pet painted in miniature click "here" to see Lynne's portfolio.

Bringing some Purple inspiration your way

Lee oxo


  1. Your purple decorations look pretty, Lee! Our tree has the same theme every year - red,green, gold, and white. We're thinking of getting a new tree for next year - a taller and skinnier tree. ...We'll have to see what kinds of deals we can find. I pray the Lord's nearness to you this Christmas. ♥

  2. Thank you for your comment Tea. Your tree decorations are traditional and will be very pretty. Thank you for your prayers, very much appreciated. ♥ (finally I worked out how to do the little heart ☺

  3. Lee, Thank you for stopping by Pandora's craft box. I just love your little tree. My favorite color is purple and I wish I had that tree!


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