Thursday, 19 January 2012

Flower Carpet, Brussels

A friend forwarded an email this week and I want to share the images with you as the theme is spectacular.  Bi-annually in Brussels a huge flower carpet is created out of a million begonias, the images below are taken from the email.

You can read all about the carpets and how they are created, and more "here"  plus when and where you can view the 2012 carpet which will open on the 14th August 2012.

I know one thing, 
Poppy would tear through this flower carpet doing her
"Schnauzer 500" thing... grabbing as many flowers as she could on the way!...(the link is not actually poppy just an illustration of what the Schnauzer 500 is ☺)

Lee oxo

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  1. That is absolutely spectacular, thanks for sharing. xxx


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