Friday, 2 November 2012

Bathrooms - Beautiful Ideas To Inspire You.

I've been for a long walk today with Poppy, its Spring here but a dull, cloudy day which seems to have made me feel a little grey and missing my mum.  I think tonight I might run a deep bath, throw in a lot of lavender oil, light lots of candles, and just relax, have an hour doing nothing, just for me :), "drown my sorrows" as they say, well not "drown" them but half submerge them maybe.

My own bathroom is inherited from its previous owners and is quite pleasant but if I had the money I would definitely remove the traditional "bath against the wall" and put in one of those fabulous freestanding baths. I've gathered some inspiration to share with you today, bathrooms that appeal to me and I hope will appeal to you. I think my favourite is Image three, I love the style of this room, romantic and restful and I love the botanical art print. Art can make or break a room and in this case it most certainly "makes" it and makes it feel more like a room and not clinical and cold.

Which design appeals to you, I would love you to leave a comment, it helps me to know my readers styles...

Vintage-style fixtures pair with a claw-foot tub that’s original to the house.

Image sources  1|2|3|4|5|6

If you love freestanding baths but today's inspiration lacks a little colour,  visit my earlier post "Bathroom Bliss - Absolutely Divine Bathrooms"  for some "wow" bathrooms.

Hope all my lovely readers have a great weekend... of me working away, sanding and painting my mums kitchen. I have almost finished the inside of her house, just two more rooms to go then its the mammoth 1/4 acre garden and exterior of the house to complete. I know she'd be thrilled to see how its coming along, I am just sad she is not here to see it, as I know she'd love the new wall colour, it's made the house seem so much more sunnier.


  1. Oh, I just love the first one. A fantastic bathroom.

    Have a great weekend

  2. Definitely love those free standing baths, especially the ones that look like they are metal finish on the outside.
    Very drool-worthy.

  3. They're all pretty gorgeous Lee. If I had to pick just one, number 1 is just divine! I hope you're feeling more relaxed and happier today. x

  4. Gosh I love them all! But #1 is my favorite if I could HAVE it!


    p.s. My name is Lee also! :)

  5. These bathrooms are so brightly refreshing! My favorite would be the one in the last photo. White and turquoise just go great together! It’s very visually appealing and cool. :]


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