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Magical Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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If you want your Christmas to be memorable, implement magical outdoor decorations. Not only will pretty decorations make your home the prettiest on the block, but it will make you smile every time you drive into your driveway! From festive lights to miniature garden settings, guests and family members will be in awe that you took the time to decorate. In fact, instead of focusing on making the inside of your home full of festive delights (which of course is important too); for once focus more on the outside of your house. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that focusing on the exterior of your home is just as worthwhile as focusing on your interior too.
Set Up Miniature Props in Your Garden.
Develop a magical setting by not only implementing a miniature Santa and elves, but also make your garden look extra unique by creating a fairy garden. Your garden will look truly magical thanks to your imagination by implementing Christmas and magical characters alike. If you have small children or grand-children they will love visiting your home and seeing all of the miniature decorations. Why not plan on reading to them a Christmas story while sitting outside in your newly decorated garden? It will make the book even more fun and magical to experience.

Twinkling Hanging Baskets
If you’re not familiar with hanging plants then you may not be familiar with hanging baskets, but they’re very similar. Go shopping for two or more empty baskets that you can easily hang and then later after the project, hang them up on your outdoor porch or backyard patio. You’ll only be able to make the baskets twinkle by utilising coiled vine baskets that do not come with a liner. Next you’ll need at least 100-bulb string lights to weave in and out of the basket. Once you have the lights weaved in the baskets, place something decorative and heavy enough in the baskets as pretty fillers. Hang up the baskets outside and watch them glow on a cold winter evening. Your guests will love the twinkling appearance the baskets create too! A Natural and Inviting Entrance.

A Natural and Inviting Entrance
If nature is what you love, then implement natural elements on your front porch and other decorative landscapes outside your home. For example, build floral arrangements and wrap red, green and white lights around the pillars that you can place near your entryway. Continue to add to the natural appearance with evergreen wreaths and twigs. If you’re really enjoying the natural look add to it even more with curly twigs and mesh material. All of these natural elements will develop the earthy holiday appearance you were craving.

Christmas Ornament-Filled Glass Cloche

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  1. Yes, they are indeed magical. Those vibrant colors, greenies and all are perfect Christmas decorations for outdoors and porches. Thanks for sharing ideas. I enjoyed browsing them.


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