Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pantone Colour Report, Spring 2013 & "Grayed Jade"

With the launch of the 2013 Spring Pantone fashion colour report, I've found my favourite colour, "Grayed Jade", its title describes this colour perfectly.  A subtle jade with a touch of grey, giving it a slightly misty look. Or as Pantone describe it, "a subtle, hushed green". A very restful colour with a calming response.

How can we use this colour in our life, whether it be paint, tiles, fabrics or even glassware. From a slightly stronger tone to a paler version...

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How about some touches of Grayed jade (or near enough),  I have placed links on the images if you want to find out a little more about the product. All the products from Anthropologie...

Bowls like this look lovely displayed on a shelf

Replace some old draw handles with this lovely knob

I think this little door knocker is fabulous, and reminds me I need to remove my mothers brass fox head before I sell her house.  The patina on this little fellow looks very "Grayed Jade". If I didn't already have a similar one I would have bought him in a flash, but want to keep my mothers in the family, "so to speak".

 More inspiration to introduce a little of this colour to your home...

Products available from Anthropologie for individual product links just click on images.  

We hope you have a fabulous weekend, it is a glorious Spring day in Auckland, I'll be heading off shortly for the French market.

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  1. Love this post Lee! It's always great to see some ways you can incorporate something on trend in a realistic way.



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