Saturday, 17 November 2012

Peonys - Fabulous Images For My Next Painting.

I've been sorting through the photos I took of Peonies last year with thought of starting to paint again. However, I still haven't touched brush to canvas for over a year and after the sale of my mothers house a few weeks ago not only my spare bedroom and cupboards are full but now my studio is brimming over with mums possessions too. Gradually I am realising that I must start parting with these items so that I can move on and paint again. I promised my mother I would paint and I know that she would be upset that I'm not.

Last November I took more than 200 photos of white and burgundy Peonies and was thrilled with the results, the light and compositions were just perfect for painting and I can easily picture in my mind the end results. I had a really low day yesterday and someone said to me that they think it is because I am surrounded by my mums things and that I now need to let go before I can paint again. I listened, and I do believe they are 100% right. Its part of the stage of moving forward and letting go.  So today I am sharing just a few of these images and trying to make a promise to myself that over the next few weeks I will make a big effort to clear my studio and spare bedroom so that I can move forward.

When photographing my images I take the photos at night with a single spotlight shining down from above. The reason for this is to get the most beautiful light and shadow patterns which allow the petals to almost appear like they're dancing. I get really excited after a shoot to see the outcome. Out of 100's of photos there might be only 5-10 that say "paint me".  I had some fabulous results with my shoot, I'd love to hear which one is your favourite...

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