Tuesday 21 May 2013

Lot's of Seaside Love In this Coastal Interior

Over the past few days our blue Autumn skies seemed to have turned to grey, however, the sea and sand still lure me to the beach most days to walk Poppy. Last Tuesday was the most perfect Autumn day, sea glistening like a mill pond, Poppy and I strolled along the sand looking at all the pretty shells forming patterns on the beach, maybe this is why I wanted to share this pretty seaside home I discovered this week.

Bleached and white painted floors immediately remind me of seaside cottages and my childhood at the beach. I would love to have my cottage floorboards sanded and white washed and seriously thinking of doing this next summer when I can move my furniture out and hopefully re-do one room at a time. The owners of this pretty home have used weathered textures, both fabric and wood along with innovative decorator pieces such as white pebbles in the fireplace place and the rustic burlap coffee sack used to create a window valence.  Isn't the small boat great! what a brilliant idea to have it overflowing with scatter cushions creating the perfect place to laze and read a book... Also loving the clever use of dip dyed curtains dyed a gentle shade of blue, puddling onto the white painted floors which appears like gentle waves lapping the shore.

This pretty home without a doubt has the seaside touch throughout, I hope you enjoy the tour. If you wish to see more images you will find a link at the end of this post.

Images via jj Locations - This home is available for photo/film shoots and can be seen at their website.

We hope you've enjoyed today's tour, Poppy had a little bark when she saw the wee terrier at the end, she recognises animals on the computer and also on the TV, sometimes its hilarious. There is an advert on the TV at the moment where a cat is running towards you, she only has to hear the music jingle and she will rush towards the TV dancing on her hind legs to get up as high as she can barking  like crazy at the cat, it's so funny to watch.

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  1. Love it, what a beautiful relaxed vibe it has going on. I love the boat filled with cushions and the dip-dyed curtains, and of course, the cute wee dog! x


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