Friday 10 May 2013

Creating The Perfect Console/Sideboard Vignette

Most of us have at least one console/sideboard in our homes and they give us the perfect opportunity to add some interesting accessories such as, a beautiful piece of china or glass, photos, artifacts, vases etc to create a vignette. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what you might want to display and often I change my displays introducing new items and placing old ones away.  If you don't have anything special to display, there is nothing more cheering than an oversized vase full of fresh flowers. To help you on your way to creating a perfect vignette, I have put together a few tips and images to inspire you.

  • Start with your main piece. eg. a special vase, bowl or sculpture etc, this will be the"anchor" to work around, it will help if this is your largest piece.
  • When creating a vignette using an odd number of items is far better than using an even number. Three items on a small narrow top will work better than four. If you look at image one, you will see they have used four items on the top of the console, however with the mirrors above and the stool below they total 7 items and all combined create the overall look. It is not just about the vignette on top of the console in this example but the complete look.
  • Group smaller items together but make sure you don't add too many pieces as the idea is to create a little piece of art with your display not a lot of clutter...remember less is best. There are exceptions to the rule though.
  • Work from back to front layering your items. Think about colour, texture and pattern, although they don't always have to compliment each other, sometimes a contrasting statement piece can look stunning. 
  • Make sure you stand back and view your vignette from different angles, have a play around with the display until it looks and feels balanced.  If one item doesn't work then try replacing it with another item or remove it altogether and take another look.
  • Using different textures can create interest such as a beautiful piece of glass and maybe something else in wood.
  • Using a large mirror behind your console or a piece of artwork can add instant drama to a plain wall. 
  • If you hang a painting above your console, make sure you hang it at least a foot above so that your vignette doesn't impose upon the art, unless you want the item to become part of the art as can be illustrated by the beautiful transparent glass vases in image 4 below. The delicate glass vases are a perfect match in colour for the artwork above and almost appear to become part of the painting. If you are interested in learning more about art for your home, you may be interested in reading this post "How to select the perfect artwork for your home".

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I hope you have a little inspiration from this post to help you create your perfect vignette. Have a wonderful weekend, mine will begin with a trip to La Cigale French market (my weekly veggie shopping and latte treat) and  if it's not raining then maybe a long walk along the seafront with Poppy.

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  1. These are awesome ideas! I always have trouble styling tables and shelves! Thanks for sharing! Pinning! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 4 Blogs!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. Hi Jenna,

      Thank you for stopping by and the invitation to link up to your blog. Glad you found some inspiration to help with your styling.

      Lee :)

  2. Oh wow, these are all stunning. I have pinned this so I can use it for inspiration. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. All are beautiful, but are those elephant tusks in #5. If so, they are not only inappropriate, but illegal.

    1. Hmm, well to be honest I didn't actually realise myself until you just brought it to my attention and yes they are definitely inappropriate if they are real. Elephants tusks don't normally curve to that degree at the ends so I am wondering if they are faux, regardless I am removing the image as I agree with you and not sure how I missed this at the time, the post is actually a few years old. There is another image with what looks like a horn, I will find a replacement image for that too as I don't want people to think I am in support of trophy hunting as I am totally against it.


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