Monday 24 June 2013

Ghost chairs - Perfect in any interior

Think crystal polycarbonate and chairs and one can imagine a very modern interior, combine these materials, with a dash of "panache" and you could conjure up a Kartell Louis Ghost chair designed by Phillipe Starck. These cleverly designed transparent chairs, however, look as much at home in a country interior as they do in contemporary surroundings. Perfect for the small office or dining area where the table is your statement piece and you want your chairs to appear subtle.

Place a Louis ghost chair in the corner of a bathroom, or bedroom and they disappear into their environment. If you want your chair to stand out, they come in an array of gorgeous colours, ice blue, smoke grey, glossy white, rose and glossy black are just a few choices available. My current desk chair is a monster of a thing, however, I am currently drawing up ideas to update my studio and I feel a ghost chair may be the perfect solution, unobtrusive style that will not dominate my small room.

If you are wondering how you could incorporate these fabulous chairs in your own home, here's some ideas to get you started, you may be surprised...









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  1. I have a Ghost chair at my desk. The desk is situated in the corner of a living area, so the chair doesn't take up too much visual space. I love it, but I've been thinking of adding a sheepskin, much like pic 5, to make it a slightly softer seat. x

    1. Well, that's the deciding factor, I most definitely am getting one for my desk too. I love the sheepskin idea, you could get a bright coloured dyed sheepskin for some extra panache!

      Lee :)


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