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French Bedroom Company - Traditional and quirky mix of French style

I believe there is a growing trend to incorporate French style furniture in modern interiors and designers are opting to mix traditional French pieces with their contemporary counterparts. I am not talking shabby chic or French Provencal, I'm referring to traditional styles in lolly coloured fabrics or specialised paint finishes. When I discover a traditional interior with a pop of colour it makes me want to throw away my 'neutral' living room and start all over again, however it takes a brave person to vamp up a traditionally styled piece of furniture with bold colours. Look at the impact these colourful chairs below have on the neutral decor in this dining area. Personally I would have preferred a set of coloured chairs rather than just two, but these days there are no rules, breaking the rules when it comes to interior design will often give the wow factor the designer is seeking.

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Most of us are familiar with the Kartell Louis ghost chair, inspired by the original Louis XV chairs, a perfect example of a modern twist on French design. Today's designers are taking traditional French style and adding a twist. The French Bedroom Company, a British company who have recently been awarded the cool brands award 2013/2014 have a fantastic range of both these styles, traditional French pieces combined with contemporary versions. The company have a wide range of furniture and accessories, from seating, beds, armoires, drawers, cabinets and tables and those essential extras, cushions, rugs, mirrors and lighting to complete the look. The French Bedroom Company's quirky take on French style is fabulous, their Deer looking glass is definitely a statement piece. A stags head mounted at the top of the mirror is flocked in white, the mirror can be flocked in any colour, giving you a tactile, personalised piece that will definitely become a talking point in your home.

 'My Deer Looking glass' - I can visualise this mirror flocked in bright blue...stunning!

Love the pink mirror - how fabulous in a  little girls room, a big girl's too for that matter!

This little cushion chap is absolutely adorable and a must for any doggy owner don't you think?

The Sylvia silver bed - OTT and why not!

The French Bedroom Company certainly  have a fabulous selection of products. Unfortunately I can't share them all so instead I have created a board of some of the ones that stood out for me...

1. Fashion Forward Seat
2. Fight Me Grand Antler Wall Light
3. Sistine Chapel Ceiling Pendant Light - I think this is absolutely awesome!
4. Cafe de Paris Dressing Screen
5. Rollo Red Cowhide
6. Petite Bouledogue Lamp
7. Darling Buds Cushion

The French Bedroom Company not only have cool brands, they also have a cool Blog where you can check out their latest products and mood boards.

Images above via The French Bed Company

Have a wonderful weekend, it's a fabulous sunny, spring day in Auckland, I hear the sun is shining in Sydney and I believe you are still having a great summer in London.


  1. Love those chairs in the first pic. I'm a big fan of taking an old piece and giving it a contemporary makeover. x

    1. Aren't they just darling, I love the striped one. I am working with a client at the moment who has done some up very similar and they look amazing.

      Lee :)

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