Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kitchen Inspiration - A Touch Of Country

I am currently seeking inspiration for my kitchen makeover which I plan to have underway by Spring. I have found a company in Auckland who will replace the doors and bench tops so I can keep the existing cabinets in place, to this I plan to add new wall cupboards and replace my overly large gas/electric cooker with a sleek induction top and under oven. My current kitchen is white, modern with a lot of stainless steel and cheap Formica tops and simply doesn't have enough storage. My house is 1940's, classic style panelled doors, high stud and wooden floors. The overall feel of this open plan living area is currently one of discord as the current kitchen is in contrast to the other end of the room which has more classic styling. I hope to achieve a more unified look in my makeover by replacing the flat doors with a traditional style and the Formica bench tops with a lovely granite. I also want to achieve more storage and better use of bench top space. I have been looking for lots of ideas and drawing some inspiration from the following kitchens...

Image sources: 1|2|3|4|5|6

Any thoughts or comments are welcome, next week I will post my kitchen mood board and a before shot of the kitchen. Hopefully my guest bedroom will be completed within the next week or so and I can post the before and afters shots.  I am waiting on the window treatments at the moment and also waiting for the foam for my headboard (I will be sharing how to create a headboard). The room is really coming together beautifully and I am looking forward to sharing images of the full makeover.


  1. I luv the look of exposed brick. had that in my last kitchen It was totally country.. cream walls exposed brick and chicken wore. Luved it. Built this one and went Tuscan. Did faux finishes on the walls to make it look like old stone. But after 6 years I was bored with it and painted ( well the Mr did) the walls cream again. Am going back to a lighter look. Slowly but surely. Luv number 1 and the last 3 :-)
    Hugs, Gee

    1. Hi Singh,

      Sorry I have only just got around to replying to your comment, Your kitchen sounds lovely, I imagine the Tuscan style looks fabulous. I still haven't got my kitchen done but hopefully in the next couple of months. I just got a DSLR camera and excited to be sharing lots of NZ interiors on my blog, including my own home.


  2. Your house is beautiful! As I'm a fan of modern country kitchens and your kitchen is more than impressive! Cabinets may be old but still looks great.

    1. Thank you Sophie, my kitchen is basic and contemporary, I am hoping the new kitchen will give me far more storage and a more country look.


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