Wednesday 11 September 2013

Gardening With Soul - A Touching Video

Sorry no beautiful interiors in my post today, but wait! please don't leave, stay a little and watch this short clip from "Gardening with Soul". A New Zealand made, feature length documentary follows a year in the garden with 90 year old Catholic nun, Sister Loyola Galvin. I have no idea why, however this short clip touched my heart and soul and made me feel bad about stressing over unimportant things in my own life. 

This incredible little old lady tending her garden daily, digging and weeding, come evening applying her mind to crossword puzzles and chatting to her companions. Sister Loyola has given me a glimpse of what is important in life and why it's not worth stressing. My photo shoot can wait a few days, the cushions I so urgently desire can go on hold and the post I am in the middle of drafting can be done another day. Today I am simply closing the laptop and going on a long walk with Poppy to take in the nature surrounding me.

Note: If you are receiving this post via email and the video is not showing,  please hop over to the blog to watch, as it is worth the short trip :)

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