Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tile Inspiration - Stunning Ideas For Your Home

Since spotting the Moroccan tiles in Steve and Michelle's kitchen on a recent Australian TV series "House Rules", I have been on a mission to track them down and recently discovered they are from a shop called Tiles by Kate, located in Manly Vale, NSW. This boutique tile shop offers a fabulous range of tiles sourced from all over the world. Today's tiles have come a long way and can be used to enhance your home in ways you have never have imagined.

Images above -Tiles by Kate

Tiles on the catwalk...

From Jasper Conran's Spring 2014 range

Tiling is actually not as difficult as it looks and if you have a small area to tackle, it's certainly worth a little DIY for the money you will save. I haven't tiled for some years, however I did tackle a splash back in a bathroom some years ago and had great success. If you take your time and follow good guidelines you can achieve excellent results. I would say the most difficult part of tiling would be cutting the tiles when you have a difficult corner or a half tile, this is where you need quality tools so as not to damage or break the tile. Suretile is a company that sells tiling equipment that can aid your endeavour. They also have a fantastic easy to follow list of guidelines and some excellent videos to help you on your way.

Note: If you are using very expensive tiles and a complicated layout then it may be best to call in the professionals.

More tile inspiration...







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  1. Gorgeous, I love Moroccan tiles. I laughed (and cringed) when the brothers on 'House Rules' created that crazy wall of coloured tiles - not quite what Michelle had in mind :) x

  2. I don't know Lee, all those patterns might drive me crazy... and i'm not stalking you... just trying to catch up on some blog posts!



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