Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas & A Couple of Shots With My Brand New Camera

Christmas day has finally reached NZ (1 more day for my USA readers), Poppy and I want to wish our readers, sponsors and advertisers a very Merry Christmas and thank you so much for all your support this year. It's been a very busy run up to Christmas day which will be spent with family and friends.  If you are a regular reader you will have heard me mention a few, many times about upgrading my little point and shoot to a DSLR, well the day has finally arrived. It has been two years in the waiting, but now I have my Nikon D7100 in my hot little hand. I have to add, with such an advanced camera, as a complete beginner I will not be able to achieve exactly the shots I am after until I have attended a camera course. I haven't bought my 35mm lens so meanwhile shooting with the lens that came with the kit. I have been rather frustrated with trying to work out how to achieve the shots I want so will probably be spending some time on Youtube meanwhile.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, wherever you are in the world, I will leave you with my first two shots of dear wee Poppy who has the patience of a saint when it comes to having her photograph taken.

I wish everyone a safe holiday and will see you again in a few days time, hopefully I will have mastered a few camera skills via Youtube and share a few images of my home.

Lee & Poppy oxo


  1. Merry Christmas Lee! and Poppy! I am excited for you, you have such a great eye. I hope you have a lovely, cozy day playing with your new camera ;)


    1. Thank you for taking time to comment Kelly, as for the photos, I have since taken some about 500% better than these and excited to share them in the New Year. I am getting used to shooting in manual now, above were shot by auto. I am so excited about my new images, way better than these!!


  2. Poppy's photos are fabulous! I'd say you're a quick learner with your new camera. :) Merry Christmas, Lee. Have fun with your new toy!

  3. Thank you Laurel, hope you had a great Christmas. I have improved in only a few days and have some lovely shots of Poppy and my home to share in the New Year. I have worked out how to use manual a little bot and to allow more light so they are way better than these as I also gave in and rushed out and bought a 32mm lens when I realised I couldn't quite get the right shots with the kit lens.


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