Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New Zealand Artist, Sheila Brown - Inspired By Nature

Recently, Sheila Brown, a reader of 'Lee Caroline' won a book give-a-way, Creating the French Look by Annie Sloan. Inspired by her win and already having bought some tins of Chalk Paint™ Sheila upcycled a chest of drawers which featured a few weeks ago. However, at the time, what I failed to mention, was that although Sheila used a large bristle brush to complete her furniture project, normally she can be found standing at her easel with a more delicate brush in hand, working on her unique bird paintings.

In 1994 Sheila, moved from the East Coast of America to New Zealand and settling in Christchurch made her home beside the sea. Developing a busy landscape business, Sheila would come home in the evenings and relax by painting the nature she was immersed in. Mainly self taught but clearly with a natural talent, Sheila developed her unique style and in 2009 her painting 'Robin in Winter' received first prize from the Otago Art Society. Her style and popularity continued to grow and her work has since featured in Denis Robinson's 2010 book, New Zealand Gallery.

Sheila works mainly in acrylics, her art, inspired by her proximity to the sea and her love of birds is colourful and original. Sheila's technique and style works perfectly for her subjects and I believe her art is uniquely New Zealand. Sheila's work can be seen in several galleries throughout NZ including Auckland's popular Art By The Sea gallery in Devonport. Currently she is busy preparing for an exhibition on the 28th of December at the Little River Gallery (details below).

'Robin In Winter' - 1st Prize Otago Art Society

'Peaceful Tui' - Acrylic on canvas

 'New Beginnings' - Oyster Catchers - Acrylic on Canvas

'North Island Kaka' - Acrylic on canvas

Quote from Sheila: "The seagull is a beautiful bird; just look at the colours. For me the seagull represents freedom, summer, peace." 

'Portrait Of A Gull' - Acrylic on canvas

'Morning Flight' - Acrylic on canvas

Fantail - Acrylic on canvas

Sheila's upcoming exhibition of her 'Up Close and Personal' series of acrylics is to be held on the 28th December at the Little River Gallery, Little River, Banks Peninsular. The exhibition is part of a summer exhibition and will run for three weeks. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to see Sheila's art first hand, you can view more of her work on her website. If you are interested in further information, please contact Sheila at; art@sheilabrown.co.nz

I hope you have enjoyed a little of our wonderful NZ art, thank you Sheila for allowing me to share your work and I wish you well with your upcoming exhibition.

Lee x

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Lee. Sheila's work is incredible, I particularly love her Peaceful Tui x

  2. I love the way her work looks like it has broken mirrors and fractured glass in it. Reflects the light beautifully, especially with the pretty colors she uses... and i love that one painting of the seagulls flying, it totally captures the feeling and light of a day at the beach...


    1. I was lucky enough to meet Sheila a couple of months ago in Auckland and go to her exhibition in Devonport. Her work is fabulous, very different than anything I have seen. The colours are gorgeous and the combined detail and clever use of the palette knife is amazing. I hope she sees your encouraging comment.

      Lee :)


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