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Reclaimed Floor Boards - Recreating the appearance of time worn wood

As an artist I can become immersed in the patinas of time worn wood, natural patterns, irregularities and colours formed naturally over time are like natures kaleidoscope. Once, chipped and peeling paint would have sent a house owner into utter panic, however today weathered wood is often used aesthetically to enhance architecture. Re-creating the look of cracked, chipped and peeling paint has been a popular trend of 2013. I was reading an article recently whereby a home owner had completed the renovation of a large, previously derelict house, the owner loved Italy and chose an Italian feel for her renovation. When it came to the homes exterior, she wanted the house to look as if it had stood the test of time, choosing to have her exterior window shutters painted and aged to look as if they had been there a hundred years. When friends came to see her newly completed renovations, her beautiful country style kitchen and fabulous swimming pool, then looked up at her old, weathered shutters, they asked when she was going to replace them. Personally, I feel that shiny and new can often lack personality and it is the character of these old pieces that can can bring life to a new home or renovation.

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Recently I was introduced to The Reclaimed Flooring Company, a company with a niche market who have mastered the technique of aging and applying paint finishes to reclaimed floorboards. The rugged, time worn look of ancient oak, bleached driftwood and the more recent appeal of chipped, weathered paint are just a few of their many finishes. The company are renown for their work and created the bespoke painted wall cladding for Cath Kidston's flagship store in London (below). In fitting with her vintage, cottage look the current trend of peeling paint on reclaimed timber was imitated for the store's walls. The company boast over 100 paint colours which enables them to achieve any desired look and the colours chosen for the Cath Kidston store were perfect for her brand.

Cath Kidston Flagship store - wall cladding by The Reclaimed Flooring Company

As well as time worn, chipped paint The Reclaimed Flooring Company have wonderful old finishes such as oak and popular finishes such as their light washed, driftwood look as seen below.

Above, light grey driftwood, oak flooring, I would love this throughout my current home

Castle, natural undulating surface floor

In this restaraunt, old reclaimed pine has been white washed and painted with Mexican style artwork 

Painted Chevron floor - Added metallic compounds make this floor extremely durable

The Reclaimed Flooring Company have many styles and different woods to be seen at their website. Their flooring is not only great for restorations but would also give an authentic look if you were building a 'new', old look house. My dream is to build a French style home looking like it has stood the test of time and floorboards such as reclaimed oak looking a 100 years old, would be perfect.

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