Saturday 28 December 2013

Small dining areas - The versatile circular table

Creating a dining area in a small space can be quite challenging and a problem I have had to resolve in my current home. My open plan living area is too small to have a dining table permanently set up, however I have overcome this issue by using a circular drop leaf table which doubles as a console when not in use. When I host a dinner or lunch, I simply bring it forward a few feet, open both sides and I have a table that will easily seat 8 people.  

Round tables are perfect for small spaces, they are an appealing shape and it's usually easier to squeeze in a few extra people. A circular table uses less space than a square or rectangular table and seats more people than a square table of the same diameter. Choose a circular table with a centre pedestal and it is even easier to squeeze in extra people with no corner legs to get in the way. If I had a large dining area, personally I would choose a rectangular table, however if your limited with space circular is the way to go and they are a far more suited to easy conversation. There are many styles of circular tables available today, I have selected a few designs below;

Tables 1 - 4 from Trade Furniture Company   Table 5. West Elm

1. Brooklyn Oak Round Dining Table 
2. Reclaimed Indian Iron Cranked Table 
3. White High Gloss Table 
4. Outdoor Rattan Round Table 
5. Parker Mid Century Round Dining Table 

A small dining area with a circular table can look fabulous as spotted on Pinterest below...

Interior design by Lauren Liess

Images via Pinterest 1|2|3|4|5|6|7
(I have added links to original sources where possible)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and continue to have fun over the holiday period. If you didn't entertain because you felt you had limited space try a circular table for dining, I think you will be surprised.

Lee oxo

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  1. Oh my gosh... that first photo! Just look at that place! I love the raw look of the table too...



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