Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pantone Spring Colour Trends 2014 - Their influence on interiors

Each season, inspired by fashion trends and influenced by designers, Pantone launch their new colour palette and this Springs 2014's colours are some of my favourite. A palette of muted pastels to vivid brights. Placid Blue, Paloma, Hemlock and Sand are paired with bright, Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue and Freesia. Mid tones nudge their way in with Cayenne, Celosia Orange and Violet. Beige may be out for 2014, but 'Sand' is most definitely in and paired with Placid Blue, makes a gentle statement. Personally, I am not a fan of Radiant Orchid, however combined with Dazzling Blue, it would make a force to be reckoned with.

My favourites from the new palette are Placid blue, Paloma and Sand, pared down shades very similar to the inspiration for my bedroom makeover... I wonder, should I be patting myself on the back for picking out these colours before they were launched? With regards to the brighter shades, I have just bought some mid toned blue and white Ralph Lauren fabric to be made into cushions for my living room and I would love to have them piped with Vibrant Freesia, such a joyful colour.

I have been browsing Pinterest for some ideas from the new Spring palette and found some great inspiration from muted to bright...


2. Paloma and a hint of pared down Radiant Orchid in the flowers

3. Radiant Orchid seen in the geometric wallpaper above

 4. Radiant Orchid & Celosia orange....hmmm?

5. Cayenne, Paloma, Placid blue and lighter tone of Freesia. Pin tracked back to Will at Bright Bazaar 

6. Dazzling Blue, or a little too dazzling?

7. Freesia makes an impact in this entrance way

8. If you don't like brights but still want to use yellow and blue, try softer shades such as this bedroom above.

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Is it a co-incidence my large painting, Rhapsody in Spring', (still in progress), features a 'Radiant Orchid' on the right hand side! 

Whatever way you want to use these colours, I feel there are no rules, pick pastels or brights or mix and match. As seen from above you can create beautiful interiors using a little creativeness. In saying this however, I would keep the stronger colours such as 'Dazzling Blue' as an accent colour don't over do these unless your aiming to create a huge impact as seen in image (6) above.

 If you want to learn more about the designers and influencers for Pantone's spring colour trends, you can read about them at the Pantone Website.

Lee oxo

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  1. Lee, I wanted to thank you for your kind words about my father and couldn't find your email so I searched your name and have now discovered your amazing blog. Thank you for stopping by and your heartfelt comments. It has been quite the Christmas, but we will continue to hold on to our memories of him.

    1. Thank you Grace for taking the trouble to find me, I meant those words, I know exactly how it feels to loose someone so dear, it will take a long time before you can think of him without tears, I still cry over my mother and its been a year and a half since I lost her.

      Thank you too for the kind words about my blog, I hope you can return when you feel like it and I can inspire you a little.


  2. Lee, your painting is just beautiful, I love all the colors you used. Like a garden in full bloom. My father is a water color artist and there is always a painting that just needs a finishing touch in his studio. Alaina

    1. Thank you, I can sympathise with your father. I haven't got back into my painting since my mother passed away last year but hope to launch into it next month.


  3. Your work in progress is gorgeous. The colors of spring extend off the canvas to grab the viewer. I can almost smell the incredible scents of the bouquet.

    1. Thank you Dawna for your kind comments about my painting.

      Lee :)


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