Saturday, 4 January 2014

Home Inspiration No. 1/2014 - Recipes, DIY & Interiors

I mentioned in my New Years post, I plan to stay on a strict gluten free diet in the future. Often gluten free substitutes can be a little bland, so I am looking out for tasty gluten free recipes and sharing a couple of cookie recipes I discovered this week. I also spotted some inspiring DIY homeware and a few gorgeous white interiors. 

Links to instructions and recipes can be found below the images.

Above: Delicious, chewy gluten free chocolate chip cookies...recipe at Anders Ruff

Gooey, Dark Chocolate Fudge Cookies.....Recipe & image by Emily K

 I love these dip dyed stools, spotted at Lady Inspiration

DIY cement coasters and tea lights..... Instructions at My Life Box

White interiors can appear a little stark, it is important therefore to soften them. Natural wood, linens, a little pattern and colour by way of small prints can help soften the appearance of a white room. These inspiring white interiors below are all beautifully balanced, and far from stark...

Image sources 1|2|3|4

Next week I am excited to be sharing my first interior photo shoot, a traditional NZ bungalow with a European style interior. 

If you enjoy this style of post and you want to see lots more lovely recipe, DIY and interiors from last year, please visit my 'Weekly Inspiration Posts'.

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  1. Gosh, these are all just so beautiful and inspiring. I love those little benches too... really cute.... and the cookies look good! Have you made them? are they as tasty as they look?

    I have so many posts to catch up on here... can't wait to dig around some more, and see what you've been up to...



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