Monday, 3 February 2014

Colour + Pattern + Bedroom = Wow!

I am all for a restful interior, especially when it comes to bedrooms, however sometimes subtle and neutral can become too predictable. I remember a friend saying to me when she saw my rather safe, French grey Chalk Paint™ makeover, "when are you going to paint something with colour?" Ann is a talented NZ artist and I understood exactly where she was coming from. As an artist, I am a little reserved when it comes to using colour in my home. Don't get me wrong, I do love colour and currently testing out shades of blue for my study and bedroom. Clever use of colour is about creating a balance, however it can also be about making a statement. You don't always have to follow rules to create colourful spaces that work. The bedrooms below have combined colour and pattern with stunning results, and so I have dedicated this post to those of you who embrace both colour and pattern and can't get enough of it.

Above: Both bedspread and glass suspension lamp make a statement in this room

Above: A bold mix of colour and pattern

Above: White walls and contrasting florals give this bedroom the feeling of spring

Above: A slightly quirky, retro come boho feeling in this pretty room

Above: Another bold mix of colour that works fabulously with the white walls and floors

Above, if you love this look you can find out more about the products at The Home where Jen Bishop Talks about her style.
Above:  How could anyone feel down in a room with these colours

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Which reminds me, Ann, if you are reading this post, I would love to come out to Waiheke Island for a day and photograph your house and studio as I know my readers would love it.

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I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, Sunday in Auckland was probably the best day we have had all summer, not a breeze or cloud in the sky. I spent the day at Devonport wandering around the pretty seaside village and discovered the most delightful shop which I will elaborate on next week.

If you would like to see more colourful bedrooms, please check out my Pinterest board on colourful interiors. 

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