Thursday 27 February 2014

It Is Easy To Imagine Your New Bathroom Using Utopia's 'Visualise' Tool

Bathrooms are an important part of our everyday life. The bathroom is the first room we use on rising and the last room we use before prior to sleeping. It is important therefore, design is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. If you are building a new home or renovating and planning a bathroom, it is crucial to get it right first time. You are building with fixed products, it is not simply a matter of moving a piece of furniture around as you could in a living area. Some people find it hard to picture the end results, but what if you could use a tool whereby you could visualise your end design.

Careful planning needs to be emphasised when designing your bathroom renovation. If you are not using a designer it can be a little overwhelming, however a company called Utopia, can help you design your perfect bathroom using Visualise, their interactive bathroom creatorUnless you employ a designer, it can be difficult to picture what your finished project may look like. The visualise page on Utopia's website, however can help with this problem. Changing the style of doors, colour, worktops and wall and floor tiles is simple and you can see your end results. I took a basic ensuite and had a play around to show you how effective this resource can be.

Above: I selected a basic ensuite bathroom design and altered it (below) by changing the door styles and colour and wall and flooring tiles, creating a warm, contemporary look.

Above: I kept the kick board light but then decided to see what effect it would have if I changed it to match the doors as seen below...

Above: Changing the kick board gave a more streamlined look. I chose to keep my wall and door colours a similar tone, products are listed below:

Nadia Grey Brown Linear Doorstyle
Champagne Linear Carcass
White work top 
Latte Wall Tile
Vento Stone Floor Tile

Using Visualise I could then easily change the doors and materials to see how the bathroom would appear in a more traditional style.


Shaker Ivory III Doorstyle
White Linear Carcass
Noir Worktop
Haddon Wall Tile
Grey Moon Floor Tile

As the UK's leading manufacturer of complete bathroom solutions, Utopia are currently celebrating 25 years of business in the UK. The entire Utopia range is manufactured in the United Kingdom and wherever possible materials come from responsibly maintained sources. Utopia have a 5 year warranty across their product range and a lifetime guarantee on all moving parts within their furniture. With a wide range of designs, I am sure you will find a style to suit your project and utilising Utopia's 'visualise' tool, you can easily envision the end results.

Lee oxo

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