Friday, 14 March 2014

Deep, Dark, Indigo - Interior Ideas, Winter 2014

Inspired by a stunning oil painting by Mary Beth Theilhelm, appropriately named, 'Black Indigo Sea', I explore the use of the popularity of indigo as a 2014 winter colour.

In contrast to the faded indigo of a pair of jeans, this winter's Indigo depicts a vibrant, rich, inky blue. Powerful as a solid block of colour, however, broken into pattern it can enhance and lift a room. Utilised solidly, it will add drama and a richness unsurpassed. Indigo can work wonderfully in a bedroom if mixed with soft grey, green, whites or neutrals like truffle. Team it with orange in a hall or living room to make a statement or add a pop of yellow for vibrant living.

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Indigo is an amazing colour that can be used in so many ways as seen above. I wonder if it will find a spot in your home this winter.

Lee oxo


  1. Just discovered your is lovely! I am loving the Indigo.


    1. Thank you Melissa for taking time to comment, I am so pleased you like my blog, I hope you can visit again, it is regularly updated 5 times per week so hopefully lots of inspiration for you.

      Lee :)


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