Tuesday 8 April 2014

A South African Home With French Flair - See inside this lovely home, decorated in French country style

At first glance, you could easily mistake this pretty cottage for a home in France, however, this French inspired home is actually located in South Africa. I did try to trace it back to its original source to find out more information, unfortunately the link was broken, so all I know is its location. It is clear to see however, by its French influence that the owners love this style.

Seeing this lovely interior makes me want to pick up the roller and dash through my house re-painting my floors and walls pure white. French, antique furniture features in most of the living areas with a beautiful inlaid French bed in what I can only 'presume' is the master bedroom. What truly appeals to me about this house is that it is minimally furnished and has an earthy cottage appeal about it. The white walls and floors create a sense of space and I would imagine help to keep the home cool during the hot, South African summers. I love the ironstone collection seen on the kitchen shelf in image 4. The old oil paintings add a touch of colour to the display of white ironstone.

There are many lovely items to peruse and be inspired by in these images, so tour at your leisure.

 Image source via Nicety Journal (original image source not found)

I hope you have enjoyed this interior as much as I have. I love its simplicity and of course, French touch, I hope you did too.

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