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Creating a Built In Shelving System with the IKEA Billy Book Case - Inspiration from creative bloggers

Censational Girl created stunning 'wall to wall' shelves with the  Billy system

When I see images such as this bookshelf, oh! how I wish we had IKEA in NZ. However, before I start sharing, I just want to add, this is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with IKEA in any way. Secondly, I cannot confess to creating this look myself, however as built in bookshelves can be rather costly and usually call for a very talented and patient spouse, or a joiner with an expensive hourly rate, I wanted to share how some clever bloggers are using the IKEA Billy Bookcase, to create an 'inexpensive', 'built in look', in their homes.

The basic Billy bookcase is a modular flat pack system, I first came across the idea of using it as built-ins, when fellow blogger, Rhoda of 'Southern Hospitality' wrote a post about the Billy Bookcase. Aside of this, with the help of her elderly father, who by the way I admire incredibly, Rhoda has renovated her house from top to bottom. I follow along with Rhoda's home renovation updates and saw a few weeks ago she had been inspired to use the Billy system as a built in look, for her den. I realise we don't have IKEA in New Zealand, however I think it is a great concept and I am sure the technique could work with any, decent flat pack shelving system.

Once I began to look around the Internet, I discovered the Billy Bookcase 'built-ins' are going viral, and bloggers throughout the world are turning to this system for a built in look. I love to see how they are each interpreting this system in their own way, depending on their room design and purpose, the painted backgrounds are used to enhance their talented styling when completed. If you want to learn more about how these clever bloggers installed their book cases, most have tutorials on their blogs. I have added links so please take time to visit. When it comes down to finding ways to do things at a reasonable cost but for a great look, as you can see, bloggers are usually the first to come up with an innovative idea that not only works, but looks fabulous too.

Above: Rhoda of Southern Hospitality used tall, doors on the lower half of the shelving in her den

Above: It is popular to paint the back of the shelving to show off your displays....See this project at Just a Girl

Above: Brittany, of 'Brittany Makes' stencilled her Billy bookcase with a fabulous Ikat design for some serious style...find out more here

Above: Simply white, this classic look is from Trish at TDA Decorating and Design. The detail moulding (UK spelling ;)) at the top, adds a look of elegance

Above: This serious built in, features a combination of cupboards, drawers and shelving. It has also been built up, and over an entrance door (I really love this idea).... Read more at Scrap Hacker

Above: Wall to wall including TV cabinet, with yellow accents from IKEA Hackers

Above: This is the basic Billy system, not a built in look, nevertheless I loved how Interior Designer, Bryn Alexandra covered the back of the shelves with burlap...Read more here

Above: Some colourful styling to finish off your shelves from Paula Prass at Show and Tell

As you can see the Billy bookshelf is extremely versatile. With a little creative thinking and some diy skills you can create a stylish, built in look for your home. There are too many of these projects to feature in a blog post, so if you are thirsting for more ideas, simply Google 'Billy Bookshelves' and you will find a world of inspiration.  I also have a Pinterest board of shelving displays you might want to look at.

Update:  I have just found out that the IKEA Billy book case can be ordered in NZ through My Flat Pack....Yay!
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