Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Flemish Longhouse/Farmhouse - A Rustic, Contemporary Blend

I adore a rustic look but not so rustic that you feel like your living in a log cabin. When I spotted this farmhouse renovation, I immediately thought the designer had found the right balance.

An authentic Flemish longhouse, this renovation project was carried out in 2006. The owners completed the modernisation respecting the preservation of the original character of the building. The beamed ceilings, original wide timber floors and panelled wooden doors were retained. The interior design elements are a mix of  materials in a neutral palette, respectful of timber without overdoing it. A wonderful chandelier is suspended above the heavy wooden table, softening the look of this area. A single pewter bowl of fruit is all that is required for a clean look. Contemporary furniture and lighting in the living area, allow for a spacious appearance. The bedroom and bathroom are minimalist with a contemporary bed and lighting.


  1. Hi Lee - This is such a gorgeous farmhouse. I totally agree with you that these homeowners found just the right balance between rustic and not too log cabin. Pinning these pics!!!!! Have a great day.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  2. Ohhhhh... wow. That table... especially with the chandelier... it's just wonderful...
    now i've got to go catch up and see if you finished your office!


    1. The wonderful chunky table and stunning chandelier were the first images that caught my eye.

      No, Cindy I have yet to post the final images of my office, I have just ordered the chair for behind my desk, so that is one less item, I only have one more chair to buy and a few things for the round table. Should be updates next week.

      Lee :)


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