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A Tuscan Farmhouse In Suburbia USA - Inside Interior Designer Lisa Gabrielson's Home

Above: The welcoming entrance to Lisa's  Italian style, farmhouse retreat

When it comes down to great design, no matter the style, the difference between a good designer and a 'great' designer is the overall ambiance a room or home exudes. Something so special that when someone walks in they not only instantly admire it but they immediately feel relaxed, happy and want to spend time in the room/house. Designing a space is not about creating a 'show home' atmosphere it is about respecting the client's brief but giving them a home to be loved and lived in -  a retreat from the frantic world outside our front doors. And, this is exactly what Interior Designer, Lisa Gabrielson achieved when she turned a suburban American home, into a Tuscan, farmhouse retreat for herself and her family.

If you browse homes for sale it is easy to spot those that have been styled to sell, although they are furnished, they often feel 'empty and soulless' - Organised neatness with no feeling of having been lived in. Lisa Gabrielson, however, is a stylist and interior designer whose work most definitely does not fit into this category. Eight years ago, Lisa was living in Florence, Italy, moving to the USA Lisa wanted to re-create the feeling of her Tuscan farmhouse in suburban USA. Using family heirlooms, a blend of rustic farmhouse pieces, gorgeous textiles and antique art, Lisa has created a wonderful, eclectic place she now calls home.

Above: A large Italian fresco sets the scene in this relaxed space. The blues and greens of the painting are mimicked in the rustic, painted desk. As well as the art, Juxtaposed patterns and textures give this space its atmosphere.  You may have noticed this room was featured in last Friday's post on Designers rooms, which is where I first spotted Lisa's designs.
Above: Lisa has used family memorabilia displayed on an antique tray to tell a story.  Trays are a useful tool for styling vignettes 
Above: When re-creating a mood such as Italian, French etc. If you don't have original architectural features, adding a few original pieces can help.
Above: The dining area  - an eclectic mix of furniture with a welcoming  farmhouse feel. Looking around this room, you would never believe that you were in Georgia, USA.
Above: Tactile velvet damask.
 Above: The farmhouse look continues to the kitchen. Displayed basketware and the stone splash back, add to the rustic feel.
Above: The powder room, perfect in blue. I love how Lisa mixes materials such as the rustic earthenware stone basin with the smoothness of the marble below. The antique cream painted cabinet compliments the blue/grey walls wonderfully.
Above: Mixing textures and patterns as seen with the cushions/pillows on this bed, create an interesting, relaxed and inviting look.
Above: Light neutral colours off-set the dark antique head board and black iron of the antique coronet.  Possibly this was originally two, single headboards Lisa has combined to create a larger headboard but I am not sure.

Above: In this living area, Lisa incorporates her antiques such as the old French railway clock and vintage shutters beside the window. The deep blue/grey painted back of the bookshelf, adds warmth and richness to this area which is full of interesting textures.

Lisa has definitely brought Tuscany into her home and cleverly created a wonderful, interesting but relaxed atmosphere. I am sure if I walked into Lisa's house I would never want to leave. There is so much detail to her home and many wonderful photographs I haven't shown, so I encourage you to hop over to her site to view more.... View more Images here. 

Images copyright of Lisa Gabrielson ( as a courtesy, please only pin from her site)

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  1. Oh my so much to see and such fabulous inspiration. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  2. that desk and that bedroom! I love the headboards! I am looking for new ideas to add to my bedroom, pinning away! xo

    1. The headboards are gorgeous and I am also looking for inspiration for my bedroom. I am undecided between coastal or French in my bedroom. I had hoped to have the walls painted this week but my indecision has put the colour on hold too.

      Lee :)

  3. Oh, Lee! Her house is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features tonight at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to the party. Hope to see you again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. Thank you so much Kathryn for sharing this over at your blog. A beautiful house as you said.

      Lee :)


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