Friday 25 July 2014

Spotted This Week - Vibrant art, an interesting interior, and two, simple gluten free recipes

I am sorry I missed this Wednesday's post, I have been a little bit under the weather so to speak, but feeling somewhat better and back on board again. I guess this is the nice thing about working from home, it is a little easier to take a break. However, in saying this, I do feel a great responsibility to my readers and sponsors and so getting back into the swing of things with a mix of art, interiors and food to inspire you over the weekend.

I love the vibrancy of Melbourne artists, Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich's work. Some of you may be familiar with Geoffrey's paintings, renown for his vibrant portrayal of Australian birds, namely his Cockatoos and Galahs. Rowena's work takes on a more abstract life, however, her colours are just as vibrant and compliment Geoffrey's contemporary art. You can read more about both of these popular artists (partners in life and business), and see their art displayed in their lovely home, at (Australian) Home Beautiful.

Below: Geoffrey and Rowena have an on-line store called Martinich & Carran where you can purchase a range of prints, cushions, ceramics and scarves in their familiar vibrant designs that compliment each other...

Above: cushions available from Martinich & Carran

I found this interior at Nuevo Estilo interesting for its eclectic mix of furniture, and the clever introduction of colour...

Above: The painted antlers used as a hat rack are rather clever.

Above: A simple border of Robins egg blue painted on the antique cabinet and distressed in areas, creates the right balance of colour versus nature. I would love try this idea on my Korean cabinet, however the mere suggestion, will have someone putting their foot down.

 Beard & Bonnet is a website with inspiring gluten free recipes that have been beautifully photographed. Meg herself, looks a picture of health and the recipes she posts are either gluten free, vegetarian or vegan...

Above: Created by grinding up pistachio nuts to make into flour, this Lemon Pistachio Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is not difficult to make - Visit Beard & Bonnet for recipe and instructions.

Below: Another Beard & Bonnet recipe...
Above: Gluten free and vegetarian this Berry & Avocado Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette, is the perfect summer accompaniment. The recipe can be found at.... Beard & Bonnet

I hope you enjoy this mix of inspiration. This weekend I am finally putting paint to canvas on a new painting and hope to squeeze in some time to try making the Lemon Pistachio cake...and, if the sun comes out maybe a few walks with Poppy.

Lee oxo


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